What does a public relations specialist do?

One day, my dad questioned me:

  • “Daddy, what do you do now?”
  • “I’m PR, I told you…” I say.


  • “I understand…But what exactly does that entail?”

Let’s just say that it wasn’t until that point that I realized how many people still don’t understand what a public relations expert does for a living. And no, they are not to blame. If public relations professionals failed to explain this to everyone, it is not the fault of those around them.

Here’s an example:


  • “Could you please make a suggestion as to how I should decorate this room?”
  • “Sure, I’ll gladly assist you, but keep in mind that I’m assisting you with my amateurish eye.”


  • “How so?”
  • “Well, I didn’t take any interior design courses…”


  • “Well, my former PR helped me a lot with that..”

Dear God! We do have a problem…

How many public relations professionals have encountered this? Quite a few, I’d say.

I know Romanians are good at…well, everything. But is it really possible to be that good? There are many imposters in this profession who do everything except PR work. It’s fashionable to be a public relations professional, which makes it difficult for those who know how to do their job.

So…start let’s at the beginning.

PR = Public Relations

Under no circumstances should public relations involve answering the phone and answering any questions that may arise. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to explain as if I doubt your intelligence. I just want to be very clear. So we don’t end up like the joke:

– Bula, what’s the homeland?

– I’m not sure, Sergeant!

– You’re stupid, Bula!

– John, what’s homeland for you?

– Homeland is my mother!

– Excellent work, John!

– So, Bula, what exactly is homeland?

– Homeland is the mother of John!

– No way, Bula! The homeland is also your mother! What did you understood, Bula?

– I am John’s half-brother.-

Essentially, a public relations specialist must understand how to establish a relationship between a product, a company, and their target audience.

The public relations professional is viewed as a bridge between the organization they represent and its target audiences. To be a valuable intermediary, you must first research and understand the organization’s target audiences (organisation, generic name).

A good public relations practitioner receives information from the public, analyzes it, communicates the organization’s attitude and reactions, and develops policies to increase and improve it. Equally important is the ongoing evaluation of policies in place in order to improve them.

Essentially, he must understand how to build a relationship between a product, a company, and their target. A relationship based on honesty and trust, but one that he can control. Only in this context can you truly put on the public relations hat.

I can tell you that my father is now aware of what a PR professional does. Yours?