SoftOne Romania and CARES Solutions announce a strategic partnership for the integration of the CARES HR solution powered by SoftOne

The partnership between the two companies, market leaders in the segments of cloud business software solutions and human resources and payroll software, sets a new standard in the digital transformation of HR and payroll processes in Romania.

SoftOne Romania, part of the SOFTONE Group, one of the most important providers of Cloud business software solutions in South-Eastern Europe, announces a strategic partnership with CARES Solutions, a company specialized in the development of human resources and payroll software solutions, with over 100 of projects implemented at national level, for the development of the CARES HR powered by Softone application dedicated to the SoftOne ecosystem.

The advanced functionalities and innovative technology of the application developed by CARES Solutions, together with the full integration with Soft1 Cloud ERP, supported by the open-source technology used by SoftOne, make Cares HR powered by SoftOne a unique payroll application in the local market, which simplifies in all operations carried out by human resources specialists. Relying on a programmable robot to secure and automate payroll processes, the solution provides real-time visibility into all payroll elements and calculation formulas.

Alexandra Lucescu, Director General at SoftOne Romania, said: “At SoftOne we analyze the trends that transform the way companies carry out their HR and payroll operations. Therefore, our partnership with CARES Solutions represents a strategic collaboration through which we want to make the best and most innovative solutions available to the SoftOne ecosystem, which will really contribute to the organizational success of companies. Thanks to this collaboration, we are now able to offer our customers a unique payroll application that incorporates advanced RPA functionality and can support all their operational needs with applications developed on next-generation, scalable cloud technologies that can be purchased at low cost .”

“The solutions developed by CARES Solutions and SoftOne are complementary and similar both technologically and commercially, being developed on a modern architecture – modular, integrable and scalable. CARES HR powered by SoftOne ensures the automatic implementation of any business change, isolation of calculations and specific operations from the rest of the application, offering increased security, efficiency and robustness of the source code. Basically, a good part of the legislative changes do not require the modification of the source code and software development times, but only a reconfiguration of the programmable robot. The time involved in these changes is greatly reduced and provides users with security. In conclusion, CARES HR powered by SoftOne is dedicated to businesses in accelerated development and represents the best solution, right from the start,” said Alexandru Soare, Chief Executive Officer at CARES SOLUTIONS.