Our story

We are TUDOR COMMUNICATIONS - an international strategic PR and Marketing agency, your trusted partner for successful growth.

We support entrepreneurs and managers who take business development seriously and share our values with passion and commitment.

Our vision is to transform the business community and build a world of successful leaders by promoting professional ethics, educational communication, and economic independence.

With us be confident that you:

We bring depth and value to how your company communicates, educates, and inspires the market to act. Together we can create a revolutionary custom campaign that will transform the future of your business.


Our agency is the winner of the Best Communication in the Public Sector at the Romanian PR Award 2020, the Biz Award for Business Performance in 2019, and the Small Consultancy of the Year 2018 at the 16th edition of the PR Awards Gala.

Advantages of working with a PR agency / Why work with us?

As a business-integrated communications agency, we have been able to grow local businesses, help them overcome crisis, and even save companies from bankruptcy.

Our team

Our international team helps you accelerate the growth of your business by:

Mihaela Raluca Tudor

CEO & Founder

Aura Matei

Operations Manager

Daniela Palade Teodorescu

Editorial Director

Bogdan Șeuleanu

Marketing Director

Radu Ilcu

Business Development Manager

Andrei Minasian

Tech Project Manager

Nicoleta Amarandei

Senior PR Account Manager

Gabriel Zamfir

PR Account Manager

Dan Hariga

Senior Art Director

Florin Gheorghiu

Multimedia Expert

Răzvan Iordache

Social Media & Digital Marketing Specialist

Alexandra Istrate

Social Media Specialist

We are united by values,
believe in freedom and responsibility in our daily work, strive to understand the bigger picture to deliver experiences that can change businesses and even destinies, and respect the value of information and quality journalism as a particularly important factor in any democratic society.
We see complexity as a challenge,
we aim only for communication that adds value to the community and we create a new media intelligence. In all these years of activity, we have managed to raise businesses from a few hundred thousand euros to the level of millions of euros, save companies from bankruptcy, and defend the reputation of brands in different industries.
We don't guarantee your success,
we guarantee you a team that will help you achieve that success.

How do we achieve success?

We set the goal

As the first step before we start the collaboration, we create a brief that includes much useful information about you and your business. By completing this you help us identify:

We shape a strategy

Depending on your target audience and the details established through the creative brief, the next actions we take are:

In addition, we help you to identify successful partners, the necessary technology, supporting materials (pictures, videos, articles), events to attend, and people who can amplify your influence.

We create an action plan

After setting the strategy, the next step is to create and implement the action plan. At this stage:

We prepare you punctually for each public appearance, stand by your side, and make sure you convey strong, appropriate, and successful messages.

We become a team

Throughout the entire process of developing and growing your business, we not only help you with the necessary expertise and actions, but we are also always there for you and your needs. We support you on your way to success, both technically and morally. In time, you will certainly look back with pride on the results you have achieved by working with us and the image you have built.

We measure success

Our goal is not to "hunt" clients for you and brings them to your business at any cost, but to patiently and skilfully create an honest, highly visible image that sells from the values you convey and the actions you take through your business.

According to general statistics and feedback received from our clients, we guarantee: