What does a public relations specialist do?

One day, my dad questioned me: “Daddy, what do you do now?” “I’m PR, I told you…” I say. Dad: “I understand…But what exactly does that entail?” Let’s just say that it wasn’t until that point that I realized how many people still don’t understand what a public relations expert does for a living. And […]

How to Write a Successful Press Release

The press release remains the primary tool through which a company can communicate important information to the general public, even through niche media channels. If properly designed and distributed, it results in a splash of visibility on a strategic message, giving the company even more credibility. What is a press release? A press release is […]

How to organize a successful offline event

Regardless of the context and field in which we operate, events are essential, both for the social preservation of communities and business development through networking. To organize an event that will be on everybody’s lips long after it’s over, it’s essential to plan everything carefully. Establish the event purpose: What do you want the final […]

Rebranding is a sign of maturity and respect for consumers

A lot of factors make marketers think about rebranding their company’s image. Changing audience needs blur the brand’s existing position. At the same time, increased competition, driven by the emergence of new players in the market or innovative products, the development of new distribution channels, and the use of other means of promotion sometimes force […]

Why do you need a personal brand?

The need to build a personal brand comes naturally when you start a business in your field of expertise. We all want to be distinct and stand out from our competitors through key, well-defined elements. These are developed online through social media presence, blogs, or photo-video content, as well as in nonverbal communication, such as […]

How to have a successful online reputation

When you set up your own business, you want everyone to know you. You want to appear at the top of internet searches, your brand to have a good image, your customers to be happy, and you to be the best known in your field. To do this, you need to build an offline and […]

How to Build an Efficient Public Relations Strategy

What exactly is public relations strategy? A public relations strategy is a well-organized plan that facilitates promotion and increases public trust in your company. It also aids in anticipating crisis situations and having a variety of solutions readily available. As a result, the benefits of a public relations strategy are numerous. To present your product […]

How do you build a brand for a company?

Promotion is one of the key things that get your product in front of consumers, and branding: assigning an identity that customers understand and recognize, is the main factor in promoting your company. A feeling, a piece of information, or a story, whatever you want to communicate is building your brand around your company. The […]